Public Presentation Tonight @ Apollon Theatre Hermoupolis, 9 pm sharp

and just in time for the first exit polls — including collaborative films, video scores, collages and live performances by resident artists Catriona Gallagher, Andreas Papapetrou, Matt Carlson, Kostas Chondros, Giovanni Lami, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Alyssa Moxley, Jan Hendrickse, Jimmy Schaus, John Schmidt, Coleman Zurkowski.

andreas apollo



I’ve been working with audio tracks from video as material for concrete music. This was from a shot I took yesterday of a boy throwing a ball back and forth with his Dad. I ran the audio through my synth and effects, and I’m hoping that when it’s synced back up with the video it will allow for some interesting possibilities.


cadavre exquis

The wind is a persistent theme amongst the resident artists of Khôra.

I found this beautiful dead creature lying on the stone steps leading to Ano Syros, while coming back today. It was blown away soon after.

Where do butterflies hide when the wind picks up in Syros?


Apano Khôra from above

IMG_1301 copy

The khôra from above, at our perch near the top of the hill, is a mess of squares. The houses look like a scattering of sugar cubes thrown down the hill, their lines diminishing. When walking amongst the buildings they blend into each other, one indistinct from the next. But with elevation their rooves float distinguishably like individual platforms or stages for the performance of everyday tasks.

khora rooves test

(Above: Khôra rooves drawing. Below: sketch for a video, edited video still.)

wind improv

the old Jesuit monastery where we are staying is high up and extremely windy. It is impossible to escape as it moves the doors and windows of the building in unpredictable, and often dramatic, ways. Investigations into the sonic potential of this wind seemed inevitable, here is a sample made in the process of constructing a wind harp.